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Feature Overview


Tech Dog Cyberdog Bionic Quadruped Intelligent Robot High-precision Sensing and Recognition AI Intelligence Xiaomi Electronic

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Basic Information


Product name: CyberDog Bionic Quadruped Robot

Product model: 21051191C

Whole machine weight (including battery): 14kg

Degree of freedom: 12 for the whole machine, 3 for a single leg

Product Size:


Length: 771mm

Width: 355mm

Height: 400mm

Get down

Length: 807mm

Width: 406mm

Height: 206mm

*This data is the test data of Xiaomi laboratory. According to different measurement methods in the industry, the actual results may vary slightly.

Operating system: Ubuntu18.04+ROS2

Sports performance

Support gait: resume standing, posture display, slow down, jogging, trotting, running, jumping, jumping.

More abilities: recovering from falling down, rolling, shaking hands, dancing, turning in circles, swaying, sitting down.

Maximum load: 3KG

Movement speed: MAX 3.2m/s*

Dynamic balance: support

Falling recovery: support

Fall protection: support

*The maximum walking speed of the whole machine measured in the laboratory is 3.2m/s, and the maximum safe walking speed is 1.6m/s.

Product feature introduction:


Explore-make the future cooler, so that everyone can enjoy the beautiful life brought by technology, is Xiaomis dream since its birth

To this end, Xiaomi relies on 11 years of technological precipitation, a team of highly creative and passionate engineers. Step into the field of robotics for the first time and explore the new partner of the future—CyberDog.

Show hard-core strength to the future, self-developed high-performance servo motors, break the limit of every movement! The powerful self-developed heart, combined with motion control algorithms, allows CyberDog to adapt to a variety of complex terrains, and can quickly restore balance even under external interference!


The high-precision environmental perception system restores more realistic biological reactions. In the complex external environment, the ability of biological perception is greatly limited. 11 high-precision sensors throughout CyberDog are always on standby to actively detect subtle external changes!

Edge AI supercomputer, enjoy the new generation of computing speed!

384 CUDA@Cores, 48 Tensor Cores, 6 Carmel ARM CPUs and 2 deep learning accelerator engines can process massive amounts of data from multiple sensors.


Use science and technology to explore the original dream, super-sense visual detection system, comparable to the naked eye spatial perception

Xiaomi has extended its mobile phone imaging technology to the field of robotics. AI interactive camera, binocular ultra-wide-angle camera, and Intel@ Real Sense TM D450 depth camera module provide powerful support for exploring new scenes!

Autonomous recognition and follow (face recognition, human tracking, motion analysis, intelligent follow*)

Select the following target, determine the relative three-dimensional position of the target in real time, and automatically adjust the speed according to the target distance to achieve autonomous following.


SLAM build map (indoor build map, map management, real-time positioning, map relocation, loop optimization). Multiple sensors cooperate to perceive the current environment and assist algorithms to create a navigation map.

Navigation obstacle avoidance (path planning, map navigation, real-time detection). The optimal route to the next target point is automatically planned, and obstacles can be avoided autonomously during navigation and following.


AI voice interaction system, accompany you, interesting and obedient.

Xiaomi Smart Voice has been applied to 8 interactive scenarios, with access to over 72 categories and more than 3000 devices. Now, this technology will use warm communication to awaken a new way of smart life in the future!

Intelligent voice control, just call Tiedan Tiedan, you can communicate with him intimately, and make a variety of difficult movements*!

AlOT intelligent interactive terminal. Smart devices at home can be controlled by Ta. Turn on the TV in one sentence and command the sweeping robot to clean the room. Be the steward of your private life.


Multiple control methods, independent mobile phone control; mobile phone + remote control control; voice control*

It can be easily operated with only a mobile phone, and it supports real-time image transmission. It can also be used with remote control* to make every action more precise!


Deep Open Source Project

Xiaomi will gradually open source the research and development results of the bionic quadruped robot to the world. * Open Engineering Exploration Version is jointly developed with Mi Fans and geek enthusiasts who have the ultimate exploration spirit.

You can imagine future scenarios to your hearts content and realize more superpowers through technology.

We will build a robot open source community*, create a Xiaomi community [CyberDog circle] and set up a Xiaomi Robot Lab. Invite more engineers to explore a cooler and more fun future together!


The remote control is not included in the package

Voice control commands need to be connected to the mobile app before they can be executed.

The mobile phone control App currently only supports some Xiaomi phones (Mi 11 Ultra, Mi 11 Pro, Mi 11, Mi 10 Extreme Edition, Mi 10 Pro, Mi 10, Redmi K40 Game Enhanced Edition, Redmi K40, Redmi K30 5G, Redmi 10X Pros, Redmi 10X , MIX2S), other models will be adapted gradually.

Abundant peripheral expansion, 3 Type-C and 1 HDM| interface, can expand the equipment to apply more innovative scenarios, and cope with a variety of complex environments!

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