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About Follow Store

"Follow Store" started with two friends strolling around the budget retailer joints as a buyer, looking for products which would be cost effective, longer lasting and makes life easier by using it. As expected it was difficult to find such products which would tick all the boxes of requirements a buyer would expect. So, while having a conversation they gave a thought as, "LIKE US" there might be uncountable number of people who would be searching such products but most of them lack time and patience to keep up with the streneous task of searching products which would be economic,last long and useful in daily lives.

And the next thing, idea pops-up, "Why don't we do the tough part, we will scout around the marketplaces, factories, suppliers and we will get,sort & cater all the products which would be compatible, practical & useful in daily lives, inexpensive, innovative and the most sought after requirement is that it has to be of good quality which does not gives up on users".

Later, after a short market survey THE"FOLLOW STORE" brand emerged, they started gathering and accumulating products. Day after day, product after product they accumulated whole loads of products which would be enough for a business scale retail joint. Their main "Vision" was to cater every single person from any age group that steps in the store or anyone browsing the website.

And the rest is HISTORY, under one roof products made available covering all the major category. be it home improvement accessories, care equipments, health equipments, mobile accessories, innovative toys, gaming accessories, car accessories etc. 

As hinted earlier every product's main specifications are undisputed cost, quality, practicality and innovative. And maintaining these features of every product is the "MISSION" that "Follow Store" holds.



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